Residential Complex Fulmax Taure

For Sale / Building, Varna, Pobeda, 1 sq.m.

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Price per sq.m: € 1 /m2
Construction Stage:  project
Стаи:  256
Total Floors:  16
Реф. №: 76460
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The investment intention for the new residential complex Fulmax Taur is located on a plot of land with a total area of 5670 sq. m on 5 Petko Staynov Str. and Hristo Smirnenski Blvd., next to Flora Str. in the Pobeda district. It includes a high-rise residential building consisting of four sections. It is designed with two basements, a semi-basement level, a ground floor, and fifteen floors. The two underground levels have parking spaces for the apartments. On the ground floor and the semi-basement level, a public service area with commercial spaces, a fitness center, offices, a pastry shop, a cafe-bar, etc., is developed within the complex. The floors above the ground floor are residential and comprise a total of 256 apartments. The entire complex has a built-up area of 3400 sq. m and an above-ground total built-up area of 28,350 sq. m.

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