About Us

Real Estate Company is a company whose main activity - trading with real estate and construction.

Stable positions of the firm is among the strong competition in the industry due to good organization and structuring of work, respect for professional ethics precise needs and expectations of customers and their implementation.

Management of "Nov dom 1" /New home 1/ focusing on training and motivation, continuous market research to the interests of clients and provide services with the highest possible quality in the field of commercial real estate.

Agency "Nov dom 1" perform intermediary activity in supply and demand of real estate: buying, selling, rentals, assessments. It also has a team of skilled lawyers, providing maximum protection of client interests in the conclusion of these transactions.

Working with the Agency ensure accuracy, security and an excellent choice in search of real estate.

The site of the Agency "Nov dom 1" allows seamless access to information about the company's sites, updated daily, which is a prerequisite for easy and error-free orientation of the property market