About us

“New Home 1” is a company providing highly professional assistance in real estate investments with the aim of achieving profits of 20+% on the invested amount in a short period of time, as well as assistance in buying, selling, and renting out real estate, guaranteeing maximum security and peace of mind for the client during and after the transaction. The company directly purchases properties and finances various projects.

In 2022, out of approximately 3200 agencies in the country, New Home 1 is in the TOP 10 in terms of turnover, TOP 6 in terms of realized profit, and is in first place in terms of realized profit per number of consultants in the company.

Thanks to our highly qualified team of brokers and lawyers, we strive to offer our clients the most advantageous and secure market offers in its various segments.

The stable positions of the company in the strong competition in the industry are due to good organization and structuring of activities, adherence to professional ethics, accurate determination of clients’ needs and expectations, and their fulfillment.

We have a rich database of property offers in Bulgaria, including offers from the entire spectrum of the market – low and high class urban, vacation and SPA properties, rural properties, houses, land, commercial, tourist and industrial facilities.

Working with our Agency guarantees you correctness, security, and excellent choices in finding real estate or achieving excellent profits in secure investments.


  • You have difficulties with selling/buying a certain property;
  • You have available funds that you want to invest securely and receive excellent profits;
  • You want to quickly get rid of your property in Varna or Sofia.

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“Nov Dom 1” offers:

  • Mediation in real estate investments;
  • Mediation in purchasing real estate;
  • Mediation in selling real estate;
  • Mediation in renting real estate;
  • Mediation in leasing real estate;
  • Buying properties in Varna and Sofia;
  • Financing projects in Varna and Sofia;
  • Assistance and provision of bank loans for property purchases;
  • Legal consultations regarding transaction management;
  • Preparation of notarial deeds and documents for transaction execution;
  • Investment consulting;
  • Assistance to foreign clients regarding the acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria;
  • Organizing the stay of foreign clients in relation to real estate transactions;
  • Full assistance in obtaining bank loans for the purchase of property by foreign individuals;
  • Preparation of individual interior design and furnishing of purchased real estate.       

The website of agency “New Home 1” allows continuous access to information about the properties offered by the company, updated daily, which is a prerequisite for easy and accurate orientation in the real estate market.