Building “Narcissus” / Varna / Colorful Quarter

Building “Narcissus” in “Flower Quarter”, Varna. Convenience, functionality, and high-quality construction in one of the most communicative neighborhoods in Varna. After AKT 14!

Building Narcissus Varna Flower Quarter

“Narcissus” is in immediate proximity to:

  • Sport and entertainment complex “Spartak”;
  • Palaх Center shopping plaza: Happy restaurant, MAKAO supermarket, SPORT DEPOT sports store, fitness and more;
  • Building of the Varna Power Plant;
  • Vasil Levski Boulevard, without direct access to the boulevard, avoiding noise and dust;
  • Strong connectivity and access to main roads and public transportation;
  • Quiet and peaceful environment with distance from other blocks.

Available Apartments:

26 sq.m Studio Apartment LINK

31 sq.m Studio Apartment LINK

35 sq.m Studio Apartment LINK

60 sq.m Two-bedroom apartment LINK

64 sq.m Two-bedroom apartment LINK

72 sq.m Two-bedroom apartment LINK

90 sq.m Three-bedroom apartment LINK

155 sq.m Three-bedroom apartment LINK

125 sq.m Four-bedroom apartment LINK

For more information: tel. 0897 842 525

Building Narcissus Varna Flower Quarter

The building is optimized very well, with the percentage of common areas reduced to a minimum for modern and efficient construction.

“NARCISSUS” is entirely focused on residential areas and the conveniences associated with them. Each property in the luxury building “NARCISSUS” represents a beautiful dream home or a secure investment, guaranteeing 100% return and profit in a very short period of time.

“NARCISSUS” is a modern residential building strategically located in a key location in the area of HEI-Varna – with well-developed communications in the area and proximity to the city center. “NARCISSUS” gives you the opportunity to acquire a wonderful property that you can turn into a beautiful and cozy home.

“NARZIS” – a place to love and call your home.

Narciss Building Varna Flower District


Groundbreaking – November 2021

Narciss Building Varna Flower District

                                        Construction stage – September 2022

Narciss Building Varna Flower District

For more information: 0897842 525

Construction stage – March 2023

Marian Yordanov, broker Nov Dom 1

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