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Fulfilling a dream, proper expertise, and calculated risk. That’s how we describe the story of Antoaneta Viktorova, who lives happily in her New Home in Sofia, in the “Manastirski Livadi” neighborhood. The reason for this is her meeting with Miroslav Stoyanov, manager of the “Lider” office in the capital. He finds the desired property for her, meeting all her criteria – to be in a new building, on the top floor, to have light and space. And most importantly for her – to have a view of the “Kamen Del” peak of Vitosha, which has sentimental value for her. Today, all of this is a reality.Antoaneta Viktorova contacts Miroslav Stoyanov after seeing reviews about him online. After consulting with him, she decides that he is the person she can trust. Stoyanov receives this assessment during a special period in the global landscape. On the eve of Covid-19, when the present is uncertain and the future even more unpredictable. The construction of the building in the “Manastirski Livadi” neighborhood has not yet started. Nevertheless, Viktorova already knows that “New Home 1” works with verified investors, builders, and partners who will not leave her dream unbuilt. Upon the broker’s recommendation, Viktorova chooses to invest in the spacious apartment with a view of the “Kamen Del” peak, without taking into account the “advice” of her close friends and family that the timing is not suitable.Viktorova’s decision is based on a necessary and calculated risk that leads to the fulfillment of one of her biggest dreams.We present the whole story in the video:

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