TOP PRICE! 26 sqm Living Room! Correct Shapes! No Transition!

For Sale / 3 Bedroom apartment, Sofia, Krasna poliana 2, 122 sq.m.

€ 170898 | |
Price per sq.m: € 1 401 /m2
Construction Type:  bricks
Екстри:  асансьор
Year of Construction:  2026
Exposure:  South
Bedrooms:  3
Terraces:  3
Floor:  4
Total Floors:  8
Реф. №: 64692
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Luxury Building! Great Price! Four separate rooms without transition! South facing!

26 sq.m. Living room! Three separate non-transitional bedrooms! Wet room!

Proper shapes! Proven and reputable builder! 12 sq.m. Balcony!

Possibility for turnkey completion at a price of €14,000 as well as the development of an individual designer project at a price of €4,000.

Condition: The property is rented according to the “BDS” standard – Exterior armored door. Flooring: leveled screed prepared for laying granite, parquet, or flooring of your choice. Walls: machine-treated gypsum plaster with turbozol prepared for painting or wallpaper of your choice. Wet rooms: manually treated cement plaster prepared for laying tiles and terracotta. Plumbing and electrical installations “ready for use”. Electrical installation: sockets, switches, and fittings. PVC joinery.

Note: The descriptions, photos, sketches, architectural layouts, and visualizations provided above are illustrative, intended to give you a good and conceptual idea of the overall appearance and layout of the property!

NEW HOME 1“: The company has: “Legal Department” – performing all necessary legal and technical checks on the property, organizing all stages of the transaction until its finalization with the notarial transfer of the property. “Credit Department” – assisting in obtaining a bank loan under the best possible conditions for the client, with the choice of bank determined according to the client’s needs and possibilities. “Construction and Repair Department” – ensuring if necessary a complete renovation of your home to turnkey at the most favorable conditions and prices.

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