Two Underground Parking Spaces with Direct Access / A District Where You Learn How to “Park”

For Sale / Park place, Varna, Kolhozen pazar, 30 sq.m.

€ 20000 | |
Price per sq.m: € 667 /m2
Construction Type:  bricks
Реф. №: 75145
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Two Underground Parking Spaces with Direct Access / Area where you learn how to park

Detailed information at: – Ref. No: 75144

Real Estate Consultant: Stanimir Raev – tel.: 0895550554

Losing 15 minutes after a long working day searching for a parking space, but still not finding one.

In the end, with great effort, you find a place that is far from your apartment and makes carrying the shopping bags unbearable.

Does it sound familiar to you? In the past year, parking in the city has been extremely laborious in almost all parts.

Excellent Location: In close proximity to SU Elin Pelin. Easy and quick access to main roads, schools, kindergartens, bus stops.

NEW HOME 1 highly recommends this property to its clients.

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