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Do you love high goals, high income, and high quality work?

Are boring employers and colleagues putting you to sleep?

Do attractive deals and successful negotiations attract you?

Does inactivity and boxing in one place tire you?

Are you impressed by enthusiasm and ambition?

Are you bothered by monotony and mediocrity?

Do bonuses and rewards motivate you?


Join the team of Nov Dom1!


Apply for our open positions as a real estate consultant in Varna or Sofia

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or apply:

* in Varna through this LINK

* in Sofia through this LINK

Here’s what we offer you:

  • introductory training;

  • a team of professionals that attracts good deals like a magnet;

  • a beautiful and convenient office located in a key location;

  • bonuses and rewards for a job well done;

  • an exceptional opportunity for incomes significantly exceeding standard and average incomes abroad;

  • in fact, we offer you a unique position in a unique company.

This position IS for you IF:

  • you know how to challenge yourself;

  • you keep your word;

  • you are good competition;

  • you want to become the best version of yourself;

  • you have a sense for sales and plan to develop it;

  • you want a career, not just a job;

  • you look to the future and develop in the present;

  • you are communicative, charismatic, and pleasant;

  • you strive to be successful.

This position is NOT for you IF:

  • You don’t want to develop;

  • You don’t want to make money;

  • You complain and talk nonsense;

  • You don’t want to learn business etiquette;

  • You are lazy and constantly complain;

  • You don’t have the qualities to be part of a motivating team;

  • You rely on luck, not on yourself.

If you continue reading, it means you have the potential to impress us!

For 11 years, we have been making the best deals for our clients. We sell the future and fulfill dreams. We encourage, support, and respect the desire of anyone who dares to think outside the box. We are not looking for employees – we are looking for partners!

We wish you success!


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