Nikola Petrov: “To develop as a person, one must always have a goal!”

Nikola is 28 years old from the city of Varna. He has a wife with whom he loves to spend his free time. He loves sports. He is the captain of the men’s rugby team in the city. He has been involved in coaching, training children. For 8 months he has been a real estate broker at New Home 1. He describes the profession as his dream job. According to him, he is in an environment that develops him, surrounded by successful people and earns unlimited income. On his birthday, he tells his story and shares about the first steps he took as a broker.

-How would you describe the perfect job for you?

-What I am currently doing is the perfect job!

-Why did you start working in this profession?

-I used to be involved in trade before. It attracted me. I used to sell auto parts wholesale, I had a shop. Then I went to a completely different extreme. My last job was as a soldier, which I was for 3 years. From my experience, I realized that it doesn’t matter if your job is called “secure”. What matters is doing what you love. Not having a limit on possibilities. This prompted me to become a real estate broker at New Home 1.

-How did you decide to apply for the position at New Home 1?

-A close friend recommended the company to me. I went through the selection process and have been part of the team for eight months now. At first, it was most difficult for me to self-organize because I was used to a different rhythm. I started very determined and continue in the same spirit.

-What have you learned since you started working here?

-I developed my communication skills. Besides all the administrative tasks I learned about the real estate market, there were many new things for me. With good mentoring, I think I’m doing quite well. The opportunities are unlimited here. You don’t have a salary to wait for. The money is waiting for you to earn it and give your all. However, it is very important to find support along the way.

-Did you have a mentor and how do you evaluate the company’s support?

-My mentor – Stanimir Stankov helped me a lot. Even though I am no longer in training, he continues to assist me and is always there for me. He greatly expanded my horizons. He thinks very modern and unconventional. I was able to absorb a lot of his recommendations and advice.

-What qualities do you think you possess and can further develop as a broker at New Home 1?

-I am communicative, loyal, and persistent. Here I realized that I can be much more organized and not chaotic. For me, the formula for success is consistency + persistence.

-Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to give up?

-The first months in any agency are harder for a broker. Until you close your first deal, until you convince yourself that you can… Psychologically, many people fail to stay motivated until this stage. With the right attitude from the mentor and the team, this is possible. It wasn’t difficult for me and I made my first deal in the second month as a broker. I felt very good, satisfied with myself, and very confident. Two months later, I entered the top broker ranking of “New Home 1” for the month of July. This motivates me a lot and I realized that I can handle it and I want to continue with my successes.

-What do you like most about the profession?

-The freedom and communication with people.

-What is a typical work day for you?

-Busy! Phone calls, meetings, inspections, deals, contacts.

-How would you describe the team at New Home 1?

-The team is great! Here I met responsive people. People who would always help you. I am a team player. Sports have proven it to me. Teamwork is very important to me. My mentor created a team – Team Stankov. The results speak for themselves. The goal is to help each other. In this profession, individuality is very important, even internal competition occurs, but through this team, I understood that collaborative work helps achieve high results.

-What are your plans for the future?

-To continue practicing my profession and stay in the company.

-How would you motivate people to start an adventure like yours?

-If you are someone who doesn’t like boundaries and wants to make a lot of money and develop, apply. In fact, our occupation is not a job, but a way of life, development, and satisfaction.

-What do you wish for your birthday?

-Health, happiness, and success. That’s the most important thing for me.

Nikola advises everyone who is just starting their professional path or transitioning to the real estate broker profession not to give up easily and never despair. He says that results are achieved through hard work and perseverance, and they are the foundation.

For his birthday, the team at New Home 1 wishes him to continue developing as a person, achieving his goals, and setting new ones – higher and more satisfying ones in the end.

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