The path to the “Alley of Fame” at “New Home 1”

You are used to hearing incredible stories about American entrepreneurs who started from the bottom and achieved exceptional success. Today, we can replace the American heroes with Bulgarian ones.

We are telling you another story from the “Hall of Fame” at “New Home 1”:

…I had one pair of pants and one jacket without buttons, which I wore 6 days a week… This is how Miroslav Stoyanov, the manager of the “Leader” office in Sofia, started his career at “New Home 1”. In 2014, he had no knowledge or experience in the real estate industry. He also had no money. Behind him, he had debts, but also a few other things. Ambition, trading skills, and a desire for development. These qualities were noticed by the founders of “New Home 1”. And so, he started a new chapter in his life. According to him, he found himself in the right place and met a team that trained and developed him. Today, Stoyanov has investments in 16 investment properties and owns a comfortable apartment where he lives with his family.

At the beginning of the year, Miroslav Stoyanov was honored by the company with the “Hall of Fame” award. This prize is not just a beautiful certificate that he will put with the others. It is recognition. The path to the Hall of Fame is easy if you have a trusted partner by your side. For Stoyanov, that partner is “New Home 1”. Taking this example, he helps his clients make the right investments at the right time.

We are sharing the story of Miroslav Stoyanov exactly as he shared it with his loved ones, friends, colleagues, and clients on social media.

“Alley of Fame” consists of people from “Nov Dom 1” who, thanks to the investment department, have had the opportunity to invest capital in a very serious way by participating in the “Make money while you rest” program. These are people who provide the opportunity for many of their clients to invest through the company’s investment department and make money,” says co-founder of the company, Yordan Yordanov.

If you also want to become part of the “Alley of Fame” – apply for our available positions – LINK TO THE VARNA JOB POSTING and LINK TO THE SOFIA JOB POSTING.

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