12 Years of “New Home 1” – Launching a National Campaign to Promote Birth Rate and Demographic Growth!


On its birthday, “New Home 1” announces a national campaign to promote birth rate.

Over its 12 years, “New Home 1” has gone through the biggest financial crisis in the world. According to official information, in 2022, out of 3400 companies in the country, “New Home 1” ranked in the top 10 in terms of turnover and in the top 6 in terms of realized profit. The company is part of the largest global business network BNI with over 300,000 business representatives in more than 75 countries!

New Home 1 is the first company in the country that professionally mediates in real estate investment transactions for clients. It generates profits for them at a rate of 20% annually. Every year, the agency buys hundreds of apartments, supports construction companies, and owns shares in some of the largest and most significant projects.

Today, on its birthday, the company announced a national campaign promoting birth rates and demographic growth, by allocating a fund for financial incentives for all members of the “New Home 1” team who are about to become parents. The incentives are:

  • For the first child – 5000 BGN.
  • For the second child – 5000 BGN.
  • For the third child – 7500 BGN.

Yordan Yordanov, CEO and partner at “New Home 1”, shares: “Today “New Home 1″ celebrates its 12th birthday! We wish to be healthy, our team to be even more ambitious and professionally dedicated to our clients. We hope to have more and more clients who prefer our company and achieve new heights! Of course, it is always important to know where we are today and where we want to be tomorrow!”

He adds that children are the greatest happiness and the team members strive to be as happy as possible!

“All of this would not have been possible without our wonderful, determined, and extremely successful team. Our brokers in the cities of Varna and Sofia achieve much greater financial results than a huge part of Bulgarians who are developing abroad, than the computer specialists in our country, and than the sailors. We value, support, appreciate, and strive to develop the people from the ‘New Home 1’ team!” shares Yordan Yordanov.“New Home 1” completes its first residential building for over 40 property users, investing exceptional effort and quality in the project with the motto: “What kind of building would we like to live in and what quality would we like to receive for the money we have paid?”

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