7 ideas on how to turn your terrace into a cozy corner

7 ideas on how to turn the terrace into a cozy corner

The outdoor areas of the apartment or the so-called terraces are often neglected when it comes to design and decoration. Mostly because they are usually small and used as storage for unnecessary things or a place to stretch out.

If you are lucky enough to live in an apartment with a terrace, then it is mandatory to decorate it and turn it into a cozy and pleasant place for rest and relaxation.

Let’s explore a few ideas on how to turn the boring terrace into a favorite corner at home.

  • Cleaning

The first thing you need to do if your terrace is used as a storage is to carefully review all the items and get rid of anything you don’t use. Once you clear it, you will see that the space is not that small.

  • Refreshing

If your terrace is open, even if you clean it frequently, the chances are it doesn’t look well-maintained, as the external influences and the rain it is exposed to throughout the year contribute to its staining and fading.

Paint it in a fresh pastel color and place a soft and pleasant carpet on the floor or a green artificial grass for even more freshness and a year-round summer mood.

  • Table and chairs

The most important thing you need to enjoy your coffee early in the morning or your glass of wine late in the evening is a table and a comfortable seating area. Choose ones that are easy to maintain and won’t take up much of your time.

  • Furniture

If you add soft furniture to your terrace, you will definitely forget about the sofa in front of the TV. However, there are two catches here. One is that it is recommended to invest in built-in furniture to avoid them being moved around in strong winds. The other possible problem you should pay attention to is that soft furniture gets stained much faster and easier, so you have two options – either get outdoor furniture or accept that you will be cleaning almost daily.

7 ideas how to turn the terrace into a cozy corner
  • Greenery

Add your favorite flowers to bring even more freshness and mood. Also, add some herbs so that your terrace not only looks but also smells nice. Examples of this are mint and lavender, which have a calming effect.

  • Lighting

Provide light for cozy evenings spent in your new favorite corner at home by installing a hanging lamp, adding candles, and/or modern string lights.

  • Original solution

If your terrace is too small and you can’t fit soft furniture, a table, chairs, etc., you can make your own original and very effective bar table. You won’t need a lot of investment, just a regular wooden board that, with a little processing, will turn into an incredible place for summer evenings.

These were just a few ideas with which you can transform your terrace and turn it from a boring storage space into one of the favorite and cozy places in your home.

7 ideas on how to transform your terrace into a cozy corner

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