Useful tips for building a house

Useful tips for building a house

You decide to build a house and this is a stage where everything in theory looks almost perfect, but in real time there is a certain discrepancy between the conceptual project and its implementation.

Remember, it is not important how expensive the house you want to have is, but rather a proper approach is needed for its project.

Here are some useful tips to follow when deciding to build a house:


This is of utmost importance when considering it as a long-term plan;


Every change in elevation of the terrain increases the cost of the project, so it is important to take note of this fact during the project implementation;


Whether the soil is permeable, sandy, clayey, etc. also matters for the construction of the house foundations;


An important condition is the micro-district you have chosen and the neighbors you have in the vicinity, which you will usually find out later;


The design of the house is a key factor, as it determines the layout of the spaces and its internal and external architecture;

Presence of underground parts /cellars/ 

Consider whether you want to have basements and whether they will be used, as this significantly increases the cost of construction;

Type of bricks

Choose high-quality bricks, which will save you a lot of other expenses in the future;

Complexity of the roof 

The complexity of the roof also determines its cost and usually creates the overall appearance of the building;

Quality of materials

The quality of materials is important, as it will create better living conditions;


Choose a builder who has been in the business for a long time and is familiar with the entire process, make sure they have construction control and a book, along with the execution of your house construction;

Completion deadlines

Specify completion deadlines and naturally have a contract for them;

Additional expenses (10%)

Keep in mind that there will always be something unexpected that will require additional expenses on the property;

Only after following these guidelines, you will see that things will definitely be easier and with better results.

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