Super Location – CHATALDZHA – Intensive Human Traffic !!!

For Sale / Shop, Varna, Chataldga, 10 sq.m.

€ 4800 | |
Price per sq.m: € 480 /m2
Construction Type:  bricks
Furniture:  partly furnished
Construction Stage:  Act 16
Year of Construction:  2000
Реф. №: 24909
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Reference number for 24909

We offer a shop on the ground floor of a main street in close proximity to Chataldja Market. It consists of a separate space with a small storage room – about 10m2, and is located on municipal land. The shop is developed, and its wonderful location guarantees intense foot traffic. It can be used not only as a shop but also as an office, beauty center, showroom, agency, etc.

NEW HOME 1″: The company has: “Legal Department” – performing all necessary legal and technical checks of the property, organizing all stages of the transaction until its finalization with notarial transfer of the property. “Credit Department” – assisting in obtaining bank credit under the best possible conditions for the client, with the choice of bank determined according to the client’s needs and capabilities. “Construction and Renovation Department” – ensuring comprehensive renovation of your home if needed, at the most favorable conditions and prices.

Broker: Ivanka Alexandrova 0893 300 940

Иванка Александрова


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