Innovative campaign for apartment sellers in Sofia: Earn rent while selling

An innovative campaign for apartment sellers who don’t want to wait to monetize their property is offered by the real estate agency “Nov Dom 1” for Sofia. The campaign aims to practically demonstrate why the choice of a broker is so important and to overcome the prejudice of sellers that working with a real estate agency means waiting.

The campaign covers the city of Sofia and provides rent for the seller during the time the agency sells their property. This way, brokers consider the property as urgent and prioritize its sale in order to achieve the best possible deal for the client based on the preliminary assessment. The properties included in the campaign undergo a quick, easy, and convenient pre-approval process by the company, literally within one day.

Contact persons for all interested parties are the managers of “New Home 1” in Sofia – Miroslav Stoyanov (+359 879 900 430) and Ivan Dimitrov (+359 890 555 820), who are available for free phone consultation as well as for a personal meeting.

In September 2022, “New Home 1” celebrated its 11th anniversary, as the campaign is part of the innovative approach to the market on this occasion!


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