New Home 1 wins “Emerging Leader” award at the Employer Branding Awards 2024


New Home 1 is the first Bulgarian company to start a social campaign to address the demographic crisis.

The annual awards of b2b Media distinguish businesses and individuals for achievements in building and establishing their image and popularity of the Employer Brand! For innovations in talent management, for new successful strategies in HR.

New Home 1, a leading company in the real estate sector, was awarded first place in the “Emerging Leader” category at the seventh edition of the Annual Employer Branding Awards by b2b Media 2024. This award is for companies with high leadership potential and is given to those who stand out with innovation and ambition in their approaches.

“New Home 1 is the first Bulgarian company to address the demographic crisis in the country as its main priority. In 2023, a unique social campaign for Bulgaria and Europe was launched to encourage our employees to have children. The company offers incentives of 5000 leva for the first and second child, and 7500 leva for the third and each subsequent child,” stated Miroslav Stoyanov, Manager of the “Leader” office.


The company takes pride in its program to promote birth rates, providing financial incentives to families with newborns. This initiative not only helps young families adapt to new responsibilities but also contributes to combating the demographic crisis in the country.

The Annual Employer Branding Awards not only reward the best in the industry but also encourage new approaches and innovative strategies in the field of employer branding.

Nov Dom 1 is establishing itself as a company that offers exceptional opportunities for its employees, who are also their business partners.

From the very beginning, Nov Dom 1 has aimed to create a team that not only achieves excellent results but also maintains a high financial standard. Therefore, already in its first year of establishment, the company introduced a growth and development system that is constantly evolving and improving.


The foundation of the support that New Home 1 offers to its employees is education. In addition to standard practices, brokers receive training in real estate investment. This not only expands their knowledge but also provides them with the opportunity to accumulate wealth, even without initial capital.

The bonus fund introduced by New Home 1 is an innovative and motivating initiative aimed at rewarding and motivating team members for their commitment and achievements. According to this program, each team member receives a significant bonus every 5 years in the company. This bonus not only rewards good performance but also creates additional motivation to maintain high standards in work.

The company offers an innovative and flexible approach that ensures financial security and confidence in the future for its business partners.

According to the program, employees have the opportunity to receive a pension after reaching the age of 60, provided that they have been an active member of the team for at least 10 years. For each year of their engagement with the company, Nov Dom 1 pays a bonus of 1000 leva. This program not only provides financial incentives but also emphasizes the importance of long-term commitment and dedication to the company.

With its unique approaches and commitment to its employees, Nov Dom 1 continues to establish itself as a leading company in the real estate sector, while also caring for the well-being and success of its team.

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