Three-day thematic team building took place in the Balkan Mountains.

Тридневен тематичен тиймбилдинг се проведе в Еленския Балкан

“Nov Dom 1” organizes its next New Year team building in the Balkan Mountains. The managers and brokers from the offices in Varna and Sofia gathered in a place that preserves rich cultural and historical heritage. The team honored Bulgarian traditions by dressing in folk costumes. With songs, dances, and authentic customs, they bid farewell to the holidays of Yordanovden and Ivanovden.

It turned out that there is also an impressive musical talent among the team. We share with you her wonderful performance!

During the team building, not only warm holiday wishes were exchanged, but also ideas and concepts for future development. “Nov Dom 1” believes that values are what unite both people and businesses. For 11 years now, the company has achieved exceptional results and is among the leaders in the real estate market.

While you are reading the blog article, our TOP consultants are on a 7-day cruise in Dubai, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, as a reward from the company. “New Home 1” has invited its top brokers on board one of the most luxurious tourist ships. If you also want to be part of an incredible team, develop your own business, and generate some of the highest incomes in the country – connect with us! We are looking for our new fresh additions! We require enthusiasm and trading skills from you, and we will motivate and train you to be the best!

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