Which are the most suitable neighborhoods for families with young children in Sofia?

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“A person, no matter how well they live, sooner or later gets married!” (the article is written by a man after all). Then he has to make a decision (sometimes before, and sometimes after the 9th month), where to settle his family nest. Here it is very important to clarify especially for the readers who were born and raised outside Sofia, that the specific and different thing about the capital is that every district and larger neighborhood is like a separate mini city, i.e. almost all neighborhoods with few exceptions, of course, have large supermarkets, playgrounds and gardens, primary and secondary schools, medical facilities, pharmacies, good or excellent communication links and transportation: buses, trolleybuses, trams, and in a large part of Sofia, there is already a metro.”

Based on the above, we have formed the following ranking of the top 3 neighborhoods for families with small children, divided into price segments:

Low price segment:

  • Lulin
  • Nadezhda
  • Suha reka

Medium price segment:

  • Mladost 3
  • Ovcha kupel
  • Buxton

High price segment:

  • Ivan Vazov
  • Lozenets
  • Krastova vada


Common mistakes when choosing a home for families with small children

  1. Most clients choose based on “I like what I know” and do not want to change more than one or two neighborhoods.

Tip: Explore the neighboring areas of familiar places by visiting shops, establishments, markets, and using transportation connections. You might be pleasantly surprised, and I promise you that if you do it two or three times, the place will no longer be unfamiliar to you and you will discover the advantages and disadvantages for yourself.

2. Buying a property near an educational institution where your child will attend school or kindergarten someday often leads to disappointment due to the educational institution or other factors.

Tip: The capital city has excellent transportation. Even if you don’t use a personal car in the city, within 15-20 minutes by public transport, you have access to a wider choice of educational institutions, save money, take care of the environment, and last but not least, a child spends about 4 to 5 years in a mass educational institution, while buying a property is a long-term investment and it is good to consider long-term factors.

The practical advice that I can give based on years of experience is:

“Sofia is an extremely dynamic and fast-paced city, time literally flies by unnoticed and while wondering today where to register for a nursery or kindergarten, before you know it, it’s time for high school graduation and literally the “next” day for choosing a university, so before buying a property, it is good to do a few basic things:

  • Determining the budget

If you are going to use the services of a banking institution, it is mandatory that the financing options and conditions, as well as the monthly installment of the future loan, do not exceed 30-35% of the net family income (we recommend a meeting with a licensed credit consultant).

  • Determining the criteria

While discussing the “what” and “why”, identify those things that are extremely important to you and you wouldn’t want to compromise on them (room shape and size, number of floors, orientation, view, type of construction, building size, parking space, etc.). In most cases, women make the decision (I know from personal experience), so to save time, simply ask your spouse.

  • Choosing an assistant

Finding a home is a complex process. Many clients mistakenly believe that by calling a few ads and going on a first or second viewing, they will find their dream home. The truth is that few are lucky enough to succeed without a mediator, and some of these deals come with a high level of risk due to the lack of a competent person protecting your interests. Contact a recommended real estate consultant or one from a reputable agency with years of experience and a legal department, because these are professionals who know the market and will best accommodate your possibilities, needs, and individual requirements.

And what are your top 3 neighborhoods for families with young children?

Links to current ads and a selection of properties suitable for families with young children:

  1. Two-bedroom property, Mladost 3
  2. Spacious property, Krastova Vada
  3. Three-bedroom property, Krastova Vada
  4. Four-bedroom property, Ivan Vazov

Selection of current listings suitable for families with young children

Author: Ivan Dimitrov / Office Manager “Bulgaria”, Sofia, Nov Dom 1 / tel.: 0890 555 820

Broker Ivan Dimitrov Nov Dom 1

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