“Why can’t I sell my property?”


“Why is there no interest in the property I have listed for sale?”Do you need an honest answer to this question?“I am selling a beautiful property, but I still don’t have a specific offer to buy it…”“Why is this happening?”The REAL reasons may shock you!Every property is different and has specific issues that make it difficult to sell. That’s why the “Stankov Team” has created a special strategy. We call it the “Analysis for the maximum, real market value of the property.” Our Analysis will show you:

  • How to get the absolute highest, real price that the market will pay for your property. Supported by a detailed SWOT analysis.
  • What is the difference between the fundamental and cosmetic problems of your property? We will show you how easy-to-fix “problems” can cost you thousands!
  • How to prepare your property for sale, so that it meets market requirements and becomes a magnet for buyers. The way you live in a property and the way you sell that property are TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!
  • We will inspect and analyze your property from top to bottom to uncover the real issues that would affect its successful sale. Then we will tell you how to minimize the impact of the negative aspects and enhance all the positive features… and sell it NOW!

As you will see for yourself, our strategy is a service of much higher level than what you may be familiar with.Selling properties “In short terms at maximum real price” is our specialty! Unlike others who will tell you something just to have the opportunity to offer your property, we will show you EXACTLY how much it is worth by conducting a reliable analysis in sync with reality.We will outline the steps you need to take for a successful property sale!THERE’S MORE: During the analysis of the potential for selling your property, we will also tell you the ways to properly position it in the Internet market, so that it reaches as many potential buyers as possible.You can take advantage of the “Analysis for maximum real market value of the property” by picking up your phone and calling ☎ 0894 555 690#новдом1 #novdom1 #realestateBULGARIA #askSTANKOV

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