Why should you gift yourself an exclusive commercial property for Christmas?

Starting a new business or expanding an existing one is by no means an easy endeavor. The idea you are implementing must begin with a good investment. Nov Dom 1 takes care of the interests of both property sellers and buyers. Broker Vesela Ilieva presents an exclusive business property, unparalleled on the market. It is located at a key point in Varna, near the District Hospital. The street is “Bitolya”. The place is recognizable. The price of the property has been reduced. It is suitable for a children’s or educational center, fitness center, store, pharmacy, and many others.

– What sets this property apart from other market offerings?

– It stands out with its size and layout. 331 sq.m. are enough to ignite the excitement of the future investor. The property has a huge hall, where various rooms of different types and sizes can be accommodated; two separate rooms, a storage room, sanitary and service facilities. It is “turnkey” finished. It has a built-in dual-action ventilation system – supply and exhaust. The height of the establishment is 2.40 m. up to the ventilation. Even this advantage alone saves money and nerves for the buyer.

– What possibilities does it offer to its future owner?

– Vast! It could become the perfect night venue, or even a new gaming hall. Everything depends on the field of activity and business interests of the one who will make themselves a Christmas gift with the most advantageous deal at the moment. The month is already December, 2022 is coming to an end, and the year will end with a thought for the future if you invest now.

– Why is it a good investment right now?

– Investing in real estate is one of the safest investments. Besides putting their money into property, the new owner can develop a business that quickly recovers the invested funds. Additionally, the personal life of the sellers follows its own course. Tomorrow circumstances may change, as well as the price. In recent days, it has become clear that there is movement in loan interest rates. I advise you not to delay the purchase of a profitable property and not to put yourself in a position where it will be impossible for you.

– What has the property been used for so far?

Until recently, this was the most famous billiard club in Varna. It hosted numerous billiard and darts tournaments. It was also a favorite place for meetings and relaxation. It is located near student dormitories and the Medical University of Varna. The qualities of the property make its value much higher than the price. It is offered exclusively by Nov Dom 1. Your name or company can be written on the notarial deed if you invest in the purchase of 135,000 euros. The initial price is 180,000 euros. After Christmas, the figure may be different and not in favor of the buyer.

According to Vesela, such a property find is not easily found. Dozens of people have wisely invested their money and by “closing” their money in property, they have “opened” new perspectives.

For more information, check out the ad HERE or contact Ilieva at tel. 0876900450

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