The Tower of the Refrigerator

For Sale / Building, Sofia, Hladilnika, 12407 sq.m.

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Price per sq.m: € 0 /m2
Construction Type:  bricks
Видове отопление:  Газ
Екстри:  асансьор, гараж, с паркомясто, сот, портиер / Охрана, входа се заключва, масивна външна врата, тежести, ток, технически паспорт на сградата
Construction Stage:  project
Екстериор:  С разрешение за строеж, Асфалтиран път, Ток, Канализация, Луксозен имот, Затворен комплекс, Луксозни общи части, Виза, Вода, Асансьор
Стаи:  77
Total Floors:  16
Реф. №: 76915
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An impressive new jewel in the Hladilnika neighborhood, this truly remarkable project promises to set a new standard for luxury and quality in the capital. Located in the heart of one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas of the city, it provides the perfect location for both living and investment. Just 100 meters away from Paradise Mall, Vitosha metro station, Cherni Vrah Blvd, and Filip Kutev Str.

Currently in the initial stages of construction, it already showcases its impressive potential. Designed by a team of leading architects and engineers, this project combines modern aesthetics with functionality, creating a building that not only looks but also operates at an exceptionally high level.

The initial 10% down payment reflects the developers’ confidence in the quality of their product. This demonstrates a commitment to transparency and trust, which is crucial for such a significant investment. As construction progresses, potential buyers can expect even more impressive revelations, further highlighting the attention to detail and superior craftsmanship invested in this building.

The exterior of the building is a visual spectacle, characterized by an elegant facade that skillfully combines glass and stone. The large panoramic windows not only provide an abundance of natural light but also offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, whether it be the majestic Vitosha mountain or the bustling cityscape.

The interior of the building will be equally impressive. The luxurious common areas will be adorned with top-quality materials and designer elements, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. The apartments are designed with attention to detail, with each element carefully selected to provide the best living experience possible.

Furthermore, the building is designed with sustainability and environmental preservation in mind.

In conclusion, the building, located in the Hladilnika neighborhood, is an ambitious project that promises unparalleled quality, luxury, and convenience. With its innovative design, top-notch execution, and commitment to sustainability, it will undoubtedly become one of the most sought-after places to live in Sofia once completed.

Лили Колчева


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